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Activate your Skin's Collagen ... next generation Skin Collagen Support from Advanced Nutrition Programme™

Posted by Tiffany Howard on

Originating from the Greek word for 'glue'.  Collagen is part of the protein scaffolding that holds the body together.  Found in the skin, muscles and connective tissues, it's the secret to a supple, youthful complexion and has many other benefits to boot. 

Did you know Collagen makes up about 75% of the weight of your skin?

 Did you know that from the Age of 25 - you lose 1% of collagen every year?

In fact by the time you hit your mid 40s, levels have plummeted by a jaw plummeting 30%, cue wrinkles, sagging & fine lines.

Collagen Enemies are Smoking, Sugar, UV Rays, Stress.  These factors will expedite the drag of the natural intrinsic ageing process.

What's the best way to reverse plummeting collagen levels? Religiously applying collagen creams could be a waste of time and money, as collagen molecules in topical products are usually too large to penetrate the skin, and they can't reach the 'manufacturing site' much lower down in the dermis.  Applying creams containing the nutrients the skin needs to manufacture its own supply - vitamin A, vitamin C & peptides are all pivotal to collagen production and cosmetic needling at home will enhance penetration for better results.

Replenishing levels from the inside is also essential. Collagen is made from amino acids found in protein foods. Most of us have enough of these in our diet, so the body already has the building blocks it needs to make its own collagen .  What you need are the synergistic nutrients to make this process of converting amino acids into collagen more efficient, and to protect the fibres once they have been created.  There is little point consuming products containing collagen if you haven't got the co-factors to assimilate it into the skin.  Enter the new Skin Collagen Support.

<Link to interest Skin Collagen Support Infographic>

My understanding of the benefits of these new focus formula ingredients:

Vitamin C:

  • A collagen builder - that twists the collage strands to make them stronger
  • Increases Collagen Synthesis 8 fold


  • A collagen builder & protector
  • Skin contains 6% of the Body's Zinc
  • Concentrated in the epidermis
  • Helps convert retinol to retinaldehyde for skin integrity


  • A collagen builder
  • Builds collagen by reducing inflammation

Champagne Grapeseed Extract:

  • Collagen builder & protector
  • Links the collagen strands (like rungs for a ladder) to make them tigher (works well with the vitamin c which then twists these rungs to make them stronger)
  • Builds & strengthens capillaries (reduces redness)

French Melon Concentrate:

  • Protector
  • Contains SOD (High in Super Oxidants)
  • Builds collagen by preventing collagen breakdown
  • Protects the skin from oxidative stress.

These ingredients are already known to provide skin improvements in over 150 studies but when working on the formula for this updated product the Advanced Nutrition Programme did a further study:

  • Subjects: 13 participants / Average age 45
  • Areas Measured: Eye / Cheek / Neck / Forearm
  • Time Period: 12 weeks
  • Trial: 2 capsules of Skin Collagen Support a day

Results of this Study:

  • Over 85% of participants experienced improvements in elasticity around the eye
  • Overall increase of 11% in elasticity
  • Overall improvement of 21% of skin smoothness
  • Overall reduction in wrinkles of 20%

Who is this Next Generation - Skin Collagen Support for?

Ideal for:

  • anyone from age 16, but more likely from  25
  • those exposed to UV rays, pollution, stress, restrictive diets
  • great for preparing the skin for summer

Not suitable for use if pregnant, planning pregnancy or breastfeeding.

 Gram for Gram Collagen Fibres are stronger than steel



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