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Almost ready ... Development of London Road Beauty

Posted by Tiffany Howard on

We have paint on the walls (a few more coats/places to do)!


We have the lights up, power on & some heating.  Thanks Pete & Paul you have done an absolute fantastic job!

We have a mirror up!

We have had cupboards & a worksurface fitted! (All be it that Homebase delivered not just the wrong parts - but broken parts too!)

We have had some furniture delivered!

We have had the front door fixed .... just in time! Thank you Nigel.


Next week is another busy week - we have the floor going in / the sinks plumbed in / more painting / the sign is due to be put up on Thursday & hopefully the outside will start to be painted.

The plan is to start moving all the other furniture in next weekend.

Check back for final updates and plans for the opening and special offers ... very soon!




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