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Cryopen Cryotherapy

Excellent for skin tags, age spots, sun damage, warts, skin lesions and pigmentation, milia, cherry angioma, viral verrucae

CryoPen™ treatment is an easy, localised treatment for the removal of benign skin conditions such as warts, liver and sunspots, skin tags, milia and cherry angioma.

 A highly effective and safe procedure, it uses extreme cold to freeze and remove benign skin lesions.

Cryotherapy has long been used for the treatment of minor skin issues. The unique CryoPen™ is an innovative, pen-like device which allows for more accurately targeted treatment leaving the surrounding healthy tissue unaffected.

One of the main benefits of the CryoPen™ is the speed with which a treatment can be carried out. Clients can be in and out in seconds and return to their normal activities straight away. It requires no anaesthetic and leaves minimal scarring.


 Treatment  Duration  Price
CryoPen - Initial Assessment & Consultation 20 mins £0
CryoPen - Initial Treatment up to 25 mins £50
CryoPen - Follow-Up Treatments up to 25 mins £38

* Treatment can include up to 5 lesions

* for Skin Tags, Warts & Verrucae two or more treatments are usually required.

CryoPen™ cryotherapy is a fast, effective, and safe solution for removal of skin imperfections.

  • Pinpoint accuracy; treats lesions from 1mm to 10mm in size
  • Safely treats lesions on the face and close to the eyes
  • Effective – treats the lesion and not any healthy surrounding tissue.
  • No follow up care needed

How it works;

  • Uses disposable N₂O cartridges to deliver quick, effective treatments
  • The N₂O destroys the skins tissue by freezing the intercellular fluid
  • Does not destroy healthy tissue as targets the area to be treated only
  • Penetration depth of 1mm per 5 seconds