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Update of Development of London Road Beauty Salon

Posted by Tiffany Howard on

Progress is full steam ahead in the development & renovation of the beauty salon on London Road, Twyford.

All the walls are up for the Beauty Rooms - there will be 3 in total.  Thanks Lee for doing a great job!.

They have now been plastered by Bam & we are just waiting for this to dry so we can start painting!

The plan is to start painting this weekend!

We have also be trying to decide & nail those final touches - so a little bit of sparkle for the work surface & walls.  Currently having to decide on signage & flooring. It is getting really exciting now!.

Draft Layout of the Salon:

A couple of pictures taken Monday & today - showing the plaster drying !!

A sample of some of the chosen wallpaper (not on every wall!)

A sample of the chosen work surface for one of the beauty rooms (you can't really see the glimmer very well):


I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everybody that has contributed so far - you have all really helped to keep it on track and done a sterling job!.

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